Carbon Fibre Sunglasses
Lighter, Stronger, Carbon Fibre.
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Lifetime Warranty

Whatever life throws at your sunnies, we’re here for you and will provide a lifetime warranty on your sunglasses. This means that if by any strike of bad luck they ever break, we’ll happily send you another pair. That's how much we believe in our sunnies.

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No more broken shades

100% Carbon Fibre Frames

Our carbon fibre sunglasses offer unmatched strength, durability, and a lightweight design. With their 3000 thread count carbon fibre material, the ShadyMate sunglasses offer exceptional resistance to impact and can easily withstand everyday abuse, wear and tear. The flexibility of our carbon fibre frames ensures a comfortable fit, while their sleek and modern aesthetics add a touch of sophistication.

Say hello to comfy shades

2x Lighter Sunglasses

At 22 grams (about the weight of 4 credit cards), ShadyMate carbon fibre sunglasses are at least 2x lighter than the regular acetate sunglasses. Weight is no doubt one of the most important factors when choosing a pair of sunglasses. The lighter the sunnies, the more comfortable they will be to wear and the easier they will fit. We guarantee you won't even notice them on your face, even after a full day wearing them.

100% UV Protection

Polarised Lenses

Our polarised lenses provide enhanced vision by reducing glare and improving clarity. They block horizontal light waves, preventing reflections and reducing eye strain. With their ability to enhance visual comfort and protect against harmful UV rays, polarised lenses are a must-have for anyone seeking optimal eye protection and clear vision in bright conditions.

Life Looks Better Polarised

100% Carbon Fibre Frames
Ultra-light 22g
100% UV Protection Polarised Lenses
Lifetime Warranty
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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I have been wearing them all day and I can barely feel them on my face.

Jack from Sydney, Australia

They provide a very comfortable fit, even during intense activities like running or skateboarding.

Ethan from Perth, Australia

I am impressed by the overall quality of these sunnies.

Liam from Gold Coast, Australia

The carbon is truly ultra-lightweight, I often forget I'm wearing them because they're so comfortable.

Oliver from Canberra, Australia

Great polarized lenses.

Steve from Sydney, Australia

Love the carbon look and the polarized lenses.

Jono from Brisbane, Australia

Love the sleek design.

Noah from Darwin, Australia

Super light and comfy.

William from Townsville, Australia

Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts like me. Carbon fiber frames and impact-resistant lenses to withstand any adventure.

Archer from Newcastle, Australia